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by Natalie

Auricular Therapy


What is Auricular Therapy?

 Auricular Therapy is the stimulation of the external ear, for the treatment of health conditions and discomforts in other parts of the body.  Stimulation to a specific ear reflex point that corresponds to a particular area of the body leads to either a reduction of an overactive body function or an increase of an underactive physiological process.  Hence as with reflexology, auricular therapy creates a more balanced condition throughout the body.  Auricular Therapy reduces tension, stress, and pain more effectively when used in conjunction with Therapeutic Reflexology.


What is the process involved with Auricular Therapy?

 Reflex points are represented on the ears, in much the same way as reflex points are represented on the feet.  These ear reflex points are stimulated with manual pressure.  This is referred to as auricular acupressure or ear reflexology.  Thereafter pressure is maintained by placing a magnetic seed on the affected ear reflex point.   A magnetic seed is a little metal ball which is held in place by a small adhesive plaster. 


 The range of responses to an auricular therapy session are quite varied, but it is common that a patient suffering from severe pain will notice mild to marked reduction of their complaint on the very first session. This reduction in their pain experience can actually improve for the next several hours after treatment, but the benefits often begin to subside several days after the first treatment. With each successive treatment, the degree of pain relief usually becomes more and more prominent and the duration of pain relief progressively extends from several days to several weeks.

 What health conditions are most helped by Auricular Therapy?

 Almost all health conditions can be affected to some degree by stimulating reactive ear points. The most commonly reported uses of Auricular Therapy have been for the control of pain, for example in chronic back pain, headaches, joint pain or sciatica, for detoxification, relief of nausea and insomnia  and the reduction of high blood pressure.


What are the side effects of Auricular Therapy?

 There are no side effects with Auricular Therapy, other than the ear becoming tender and inflamed.  Some patients might feel a bit drowsy or sleepy which is normal because of the endorphins that have been released.