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by Natalie

Reflexology and Infertility

Before falling pregnant both parents should ideally have reflexology treatments on a regular basis.  The stimulation of the reflex areas on the feet encourages the reproductive and hormonal system to function more effectively, regulating menstrual periods, and stimulating egg production.  It also helps to ensure stronger, healthier sperm and reduces stress and anxiety in both the man and women.  Emotions also play a big role during infertility, which affect the hormonal system.  Reflexology takes a holistic approach to infertility, treating both the mind and the body.  

In 1990 a study was reported on how reflexology can assist in infertility.  61 women under the age of 35 were used to research this subject which was conducted by the Danish Reflexologist Association Research Committee.  Treatments were given over a seven to eight month period.  Initially treatments were done twice per week in the first month and thereafter two treatments were administered each month before ovulation. Nine women (15 percent) became pregnant within six months after starting the treatment. Of two-thirds of the women who had menstruation problems, 77 percent experienced an improvement—with the majority seeing complete alleviation of their problems. Three-quarters of all the women reported improvements in other ailments, such as muscle tensions, indigestion and poor circulation.  This study showed that Reflexology brings the body back into homeostasis, thereby assisting it to obtain improved health, balanced hormones and prepares the womb for pregnancy. 

Ref: Flocco Bill Dir., American Academy of Reflexology, http://www.reflexologyresearch.net/ReflexologyInfertilityResearch.shtml, accessed 17Aug14.

Congestions along the energy lines or meridians in the body lead to medical problems.  For example congestions on the stomach meridian can cause endometriosis as this meridian passes through the uterus.  Similarly toxins which cause congestions along the spleen / pancreas meridian could lead to ovarian cysts or other problems associated with the ovaries.  Reflexology treatments along with lifestyle change helps to eliminate toxins that cause these congestions and balance the body so that it can heal itself and become healthy in preparation for a pregnancy.